AtGames Sega Genesis Classic – Kit Reviews, Episode 6

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May 11, 2018

Remember when Retro Tech Select showered RetroUSB’s NES clone console with praise? Well… this isn’t going to be another one of those reviews.

Summary: AtGames is the company heading the new Sega Genesis Mini in 2018. That may not mean much to most folks, but AtGames has an established track record making Genesis clone consoles… and it’s not a good one!

Reviewed in this episode of Retro Tech Select is a previous AtGames Genesis model: the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console of 2017. Is it any good? Does it inspire hope for the upcoming “Mini”?

Answers are a click away – just hit play!

More Info: If you fit the profile of a “Classic” buyer described in the review, or just want info on their newer (better) “Flashback HD”, visit AtGames on their official webpage: AtGames Flashback Zone.

The Classic can also be found on amazon, and part of your purchase comes back to RTSelect. [learn more]

Creator’s Note: I was lucky to get enough captured game footage in this review, as the A/V port on my Model 1 Genesis decided to die during production. I plan on attempting a DIY repair in a later episode but, for now, my Model 2 will serve as the primary play Genesis of Retro Tech Select.

Featured Music: “Waking Up”, “Top City”, “Song for Someone”, “Middle Park”, “Rainy Outside(Heavy)”, and “The Day Time Ran Away” by Ozzed.

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